Case Study

The Goal

Comcast Business intended to highlight how the company's reliable network connectivity is essential to NASCAR drivers, teams and officials. Data about everything from safety checks and car inspections, to communications and car performance is carried over the network, so it needs to be up and running for every race without fail.

The Asset

Comcast Business launched a video on YouTube and promoted the content on the Comcast Business Community, as well as branded social channels. To support the company’s “built for speed” message in the video, Comcast Business relies on visual cues from NASCAR races to bring the story to life and convey the significant improvements made to the network using Ethernet solutions. In addition to the video, Comcast business developed a series of other thought leadership pieces, including white papers and articles. One white paper called, Technology Transformation at the Speed of NASCAR, was especially valuable for the company. The overarching, multi-touch campaign was titled, “Ethernet Transforms NASCAR Racing.”

The Results

  • The white paper and the video content have generated more than 10,000 views, which is 70% higher than the average.

  • The campaign has generated almost 18,000 organic impressions and a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.5%.

  • The paid LinkedIn promotional program has generated a CTR of 0.32%. Twitter promotion has also been successful with a 0.26% engagement rate.

Lesson Learned

Highlighting a notable success story that is relevant in prospects’ personal lives can expedite the B2B buying process.